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The Different Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Explained By Your Tacoma General and Family Dentist

Approximately 5 million wisdom teeth are removed in the U.S. every year! Because our jaws have evolved to be too small to fit third molars (aka wisdom teeth), they often grow in incorrectly - pushing against other teeth, erupting at an angle, sometimes even getting stuck in the jaw bone. Some lucky people have wisdom teeth that grow in correctly and do not need to get them removed, and an even smaller number of lucky people do not grow wisdom teeth at all! However, chances ar

What Problems Can Impacted Wisdom Teeth Cause? Tacoma Family, General Dentist Explains | Paul Sioda

Wisdom teeth removal can be a major rite of passage for teens and young adults, with approximately 80% of the US population getting them extracted! But why do most people need to get these third molars taken out, anyway? There are several serious oral health issues that can develop if impacted wisdom teeth are not removed - that is, wisdom teeth that are not growing in or positioned correctly. Check out the common complications caused by impacted wisdom teeth that are not ext

Tooth brushing Tips For Tots, From Your Tacoma Dentist | Paul Sioda Dental

For many parents, getting their children to brush their teeth is a twice-daily battle - but they are battles well worth having! Good oral hygiene is important at all ages, and aids young children in speech, educational and social development. Children suffering from oral pain tend to perform worse in school; a recent study revealed that children with tooth pain were 4 times more likely to have a low grade point average (below 2.8 GPA) compared to children without oral pain. O

People in Tacoma Ask: Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me? | Paul Sioda Dental

Are you considering teeth whitening? If so, there are a few things you should consider before undergoing this treatment. Are You a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening? Teeth whitening, whether by professional or over-the-counter treatment, should only be used by people with healthy gums and teeth. This is because all teeth whitening treatments contain the bleaching agent peroxide, which can cause increased sensitivity and even damage to people with tender or receding gums. If

Tacoma Patients Ask: What is a Dental Bridge, and is it a Good Option For Me? | Paul Sioda Dental

Because a single missing tooth increases the risk of tooth damage and decay as well as numerous other oral health problems, we always recommend replacing a missing tooth. There are many different tooth replacement options to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets, such as dental implants, dentures and bridges. What Is A Dental Bridge? A dental bridge literally bridges the gap between healthy teeth and a missing tooth. It is a good restoration option for patients who do not

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants? Tacoma Dentist Explains | Paul Sioda Dental

Dental implants have been called the most significant dental innovation of our generation, and it’s easy to see why! They are designed to closely mimic the structure of our natural teeth, from root to crown. With a 98% success rate -- the highest success rate of all tooth replacement options! -- implants are the best long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. When properly placed and cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime. How Do Implants Mimic Our Natural Teeth?

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