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Emergency Dentist Tacoma, WA

Emergency Dentist There are many reasons that patients throughout Washington need an emergency dentist. We have found that a dental emergency can strike at any time. The Team at Paul Sioda Dental and our staff at Paul Sioda Dental will try to accommodate any last minute appointment requests so that you, our patient, doesn’t have to live with oral pain. If you have a toothache or a major dental emergency, call 253-759-7941 right away. We offer extended hours as needed and will do our best to get you treated immediately.

Do I need emergency dentistry? Call us if…

  • Toothache – Did you brush, rinse and floss and it still hurts.

  • Tooth Knocked Out

  • Gum/Tongue/Cheek Injuries – If bleeding will not stop.

  • Broken/Loose Braces – Call your orthodontist immediately.

  • Chipped/Broken Teeth – If the chip is significant or your tooth is cracked or your tooth is in pieces.

  • Lost Filling/Crown

  • Tooth Loose

  • Abscess


Reasons for Needing an Emergency Dental Visit
The American Dental Association reported that the number one cause of adult tooth damage every year is playing sports. This spans all types of athletics and creates the need for emergency appointments throughout Tacoma WA. Most adults don’t have the time to play for an organized league, even a casual one. This means that even a backyard game of basketball can lead to a tooth being damaged or knocked out. The same holds true for kids playing sports throughout the 98406 area. There are ways to protect yourself like wearing a mouth guard but when an emergency strikes call 253-759-7941.


Car accidents are another leading cause of tooth injury. While the enamel on your teeth is strong, it may not be strong enough to prevent your tooth from breaking when colliding with the steering wheel. With millions of accidents a year, teeth are a common victim. We recommend that patients of Paul Sioda Dental get examined at a local emergency room after being in a car accident, just to make sure that they haven’t sustained any physical injuries. Afterwards, patients in the Tacoma WA area should call for a dentist appointment. The emergency room does not treat tooth damage, so you will need to see both types of medical providers.


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